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May 01

Updates on Everyone

Finally, we are done with the copious vomiting.  It’s been days since I’ve had to clean up puke and I feel like a new woman.  Julianna Ruth is officially two years old, her birthday was on  Sunday.  Fortunately, we had a birthday party for she and Lilli the week before because her actual  birthday was lost in the puke haze.

Julianna is such a love – she’s all emotion and excitement.  She’s got the cutest little grin, with dimples and a wrinkled up nose.  She still calls Jessie “G,” Sam is still “My Boy,” and the older two girls are still “Ree” and “Rah.”  Marc is still Yaya.  But she’s got a basically unlimited vocabulary, sometimes I still struggle to decipher what she’s saying, but she’s really clear for the most part.  She’s got a bit of an issue around new clothes, won’t wear them, really.  Unless she’s had it forever, she’s not interested.  This doesn’t bode well for the future, given that she’s two and the clothes that she’ll still happily wear fit her much better at the beginning of the winter.  She’s going to keep growing, and well, she’s going to have to suck it up.  She still hates baths with a misplaced passion that just makes everything more difficult.  We’re half heartedly working on weaning.  Given that it took me close to two years to actually wean Sam, I’ve got no real hope of it happening soon, but I’m trying.   She nurses to sleep still, and would like to nurse mid morning and then again late afternoon.  I can usually talk her out of those two, but not always.

Sam  is actually doing surprisingly well.  Given that he’d been out of school for two weeks, I expected it to be a lot harder to get him back into the swing of it, but he’s been great thus far.  He did tear up a little bit this morning, saying that he just missed me so much during the day, but he pulled it together pretty fast.   Going to bed is a breeze, I’ve been reading more and more to him.  Marc had been reading his way thru the Hardy Boys with him, but I started doing easy reader books with him that he can help read.   Marc and I both still really feel strongly about sending him to first grade, instead of holding him back, but we’ve got his conference set up for the end of the week.   He’s in the play coming up – his teacher told me today that he’s got one of the main parts.  Which seems like a BAD idea, given his desire to remain “under the radar,” but she said he asked for the part and was really enthusiastic about it.  I’m hoping for the best, but a part of me is wishing  that he had a less prominent position, I’d hate for him to panic on the day of the play because everyone will be looking at him.

Jessie is thriving in third grade.  Really, I’ve got to say that this year is her best so far.  Her school conference went great – her teacher this year is wonderful.  I really got the sense that she understood Jessie.  She’s doing great in school, scores really well on standardized tests, and the only hitch is that sometimes she screws up because she’s firmly convinced she knows what she’s doing and doesn’t bother to read the directions.  She’s so much happier, overall.  She’s kind of coming into her personality, and it’s awesome to watch.  She still likes to sleep in my bed, but more and more, she’ll voluntarily go into her own.  She’s growing up so fast, getting taller and skinnier and it’s freaking me out just a little bit.  And by just a little bit, I mean a lot.

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