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Jul 07


Of course, with a title like that, you might expect a more controversial post, but not so much. Simply that Julianna got her two month shots today, and has been asleep for the past two hours. Marc took her for the appt, because I’ve got extra kids here I was watching, plus he took the morning off to do it. I pumped breastmilk, and wanted him to get some quality time in with her. But still missed her like my arm had been severed when he drove away with my baby. He was gone for about an hour and she’s been dozing in her car seat on the dining room table for the past two hours. I don’t think I’ve gone this long without holding her. Ever. I keep telling myself to let her sleep, her body obviously needs it, but I’m missing having my baby girl in my arms, and will probably wake her very soon.

In other news… we’re suffering thru a killer heat wave, and it’s too hot to be outside. Sticky and gross out there, so I’ve got (let me count) six kids in my tiny apartment at the moment, not counting Julie. Three boys and three girls. But they’re cool and playing well, and my living room is a disaster pretty much non stop anyway, so I shouldn’t quibble with a little mess, right?

Off to the beach tomorrow, I think we’re heading to NH. Julie’s first glimpse of the ocean. The older two will have a wonderful time, but Julie and I will be hanging under the umbrella hoping for a breeze all day.

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