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Feb 27

Way Back Wednesday – Volume I

I thought it might be fun to look back at some of my archives, because I’ve been blogging since 2008, and find an older post that has some relevance to where I am now.  Plus, it’s an easy blog post, because I’ve (mostly) already written it.  So here’s a post from March of 2009 – and the reason I chose it is because Sam is, today, walking around with a goofy looking hair cut because he rebelled towards the end of it and refused to let us finish it.  Some things never change, apparently 🙂

Sammy’s haircut (March, 2009)

I have a very stubborn son. In my head, he’s mild mannered and laid back, I think, only because I have have two of them, and Jessie is so much more emotionally intense and dramatic. But Sam – he’s no slouch in the strong personality department. And when there’s something he doesn’t want to do, be it visit the doctor, give his grandmother a kiss (or even a glance of acknowledgement), or take a bath, he makes it abundantly clear. I can still win a battle with him – because he’s two and I’m thirty five – but it’s a major struggle.

Which brings me to the latest battle. His hair. Sam’s got great hair, it’s straight, baby fine, and a gorgeous honey color. I love it. We had one bad hair cut experience, involving Marc’s clippers (I told myself that Sam was his son too – and let him cut his hair). Needless to say, he cried, I cried, it was a HORRIBLE haircut and I was so glad when it finally grew out. Now we do a bowl cut, and I trim it myself. The second to last haircut was done by holding him down on the floor and whacking away at his hair while he screamed. It took both Marc and I, and didn’t look all that great… but it was out of his eyes, and he’s so cute anyway, I thought he still looked beautiful. But that was a while ago, and it’s getting longer and longer… and in his eyes and it just needed to be cut.

We talked and discussed, and I kept bringing it up, and he kept saying “No cut my hair!” but I persisted, and randomly, about ten minutes ago, he agreed that it would be a great idea. It would tickle, and he was game… I cut his bangs, and it’s not in his eyes anymore, but then I got too ambitious and cut one side of his head, so it didn’t hang over his ears. I was going to continue around the back and finish up on the other side, but then he rebelled. And is now lopsided. He got more and more upset, and since I was afraid that he’d move too fast and I’d end up cutting off his ear, I gave up. He’s running from me, screaming “Not cut my hair never ever again!” He looks goofy – although maybe I’ll get used to it. Maybe lopsided will be the new trend – little boys the world over will start to follow his lead… and they’ll all look ridiculous together.

It’s a good thing he’s so cute, I’m just hoping that nobody notices that the hair on one side of his head is an inch longer than the other side.

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