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Jan 10

Weaned… still amazed

Forgive me yet another post on weaning… but it boggles my mind that Sam’s actually done nursing. Really, really done. I’m still floored. We’ve got a couple of issues surrounding no longer nursing – one is the lack of an afternoon nap, I’ve got one cranky kid. I used to be able to put him to sleep so easily when I knew he needed the nap, but now? He just soldiers on, yelling and hollering at all of us. And bedtime – I’ve got to establish a whole new bedtime routine for him, to get him to actually go to sleep when he needs it instead of when he wants it.

And I’m mildly concerned about mastitis. My breasts are full and sore, after three days of no nursing. I didn’t think I was actually making milk anymore, but apparently I was, just a little bit of it. And with three days backlog, I actually feel engorged for the first time in a really long time…

But seriously – WOO HOO! I’m beaming that this stage is over, and suddenly, my little boy seems like a big boy. All long, gangly legs and arms, he’s physically so much bigger all of a sudden. He’s a kid – not a baby anymore, and I’m so proud…

Also sore… because this baby is getting bigger and bigger. I’ve got sciatic pain for the first time ever. Leg cramps. Never had those with the other two pregnancies. And that which shall not be named (but starts with an H and I’m mortified by it) – also never had before. Movement is a pain in the a$$ (literally) and the whole lower half of my body is achy and uncomfortable. I’ve started commenting at random times “this baby better be pretty” and moaning a lot. The heartburn is my constant companion and I now pee at least twice in the middle of the night.

But my baby bump is nice and big, and she moves all the time. Previous paragraph notwithstanding, I’m loving this pregnancy. Loving the anticipation of knowing that she’s growing and getting bigger and I’m, every day, a little closer to having her in my arms.

And since I can’t post about Sam and my pregnancy without talking about my bestest girl – let me just say that Jess is oh-my-gosh big these days. She and I are reading the first Harry Potter book together and she’s really loving it. I pushed reading on her so much, made it part of her identity – she’s the kid who loves vegetables and reading ;-), and I’m so proud that she’s really enjoying it. I put her to bed last night and crawled into my own bed and was missing her. I know she’s a big girl, and sleeps better in her own bed – she’s been in her own bed for about four years now, but I still miss her sometimes. And last night, around midnight, she came and crawled in next to me and I was delighted. We snuggled all night long, and it was so sweet. The she got up early, and got her brother breakfast while Marc and I slept in. The joys of having an almost seven year old…

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