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Mar 05

Weekend Updates

Ahh – so Thursday was my snow day.  And Friday, I was in a pickle.  Because we’ve had an abnormally warm winter so far, and I’m somewhat spoiled by the fact that my husband has always done the snow removal (although to be fair, in the ten years we’ve been together, he’s rarely, if ever, done his own laundry).  It didn’t occur to me to shovel out my van.  Just never crossed my mind.  Marc had an early Friday (he left the house at six thirty), so he couldn’t drive the cherubs to school.  Fortunately my father in law said he’d do it.  So Friday was delightful in that I didn’t have to put on shoes at all. 

Friday afternoon, my husband’s ex called, asking if the girls were coming for Shabbat dinner.  We have a general, obvious policy that we love having the girls whenever and wherever we can, and getting them here for Shabbat dinner was extra lovely.  We pushed it a little later, so that Sarah could go to dance class, but then we had the nicest dinner.  I’m making a little extra effort lately to do Shabbat dinner every week, and the results are definitely paying off.  We didn’t have anything special, just chicken, rice and veggies, but it was nice to sit at the table with all five kids yelling and hollering and cutting up chicken for each other.   And then (this was the best part for me), I took Julie and a book and went into our bedroom.  She sat beside me and we watched Pat Pat and I read for an hour or two.  The older kids all watched big kid television in the living room with Marc.

Saturday, we had a bit of a problem when my Samilicious boy, who’s really trying so very hard to grow up so fast, lost his little mind when he wasn’t able to fully clean off Marc’s SUV to go to Hebrew school.  Sam’s super aware of wanting to be BIG in Marc’s eyes, and I think he was embarassed and upset with himself, and when Marc tried to assist (because really, the kid is only five, he can’t reach that high), he started sobbing and screaming and it was ugly.  It got worse, because Marc kept trying to fix it, and then ended up getting mad right along with Sam.  They were just making each other nuts, and finally I just sent Marc off to the synagogue and let Sam stay home. 

Nobody can make you crazier than your own child.  And God knows, I’ve been there.  Generally, it’s Jessie pushing my buttons, but I think that with Marc and Sam, it’s a similiar situation.  Because they are so alike, and so close, the level of emotion is so much higher.   They yelled at each other – and while I yell a lot, my kids are so used to me doing it, it doesn’t bother  them.  But when Daddy yells – forget it.  It’s got a major impact because it’s so rare. So Sam was kind of wrecked for a while, and sat on my lap for about an hour after Marc left.  I read for a while, Sam and Julie kept running to the living room, gathering books and bringing them back for me to read to them.  Then Sam brought his blocks into my bedroom and built with them while I put Jules down for a nap. 

Saturday afternoon, we went to a friend’s house to make some hamentashen.  They’re tricornered cookies with jam filling for the Jewish holiday of Purim – which is coming up on Wednesday.  It was a lovely afternoon.  Jessie was terrified of their dog, and even after she relaxed about it, was still extra cuddly and affectionate, sitting up on Marc’s lap so he could keep her safe.  I love watching the two of them together, Sam and Julie dote on their daddy, but Jessie is more reserved most of the time.  So it was extra nice for both of them. 

Sunday, we ended up attempting to go to a party at a sports type place, and Jessie hated it.  Running in bouncy houses, playing dodge ball – she couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  To be fair, she had told me she didn’t want to go, but I made her.  Because I like the mom, and I didn’t want her to blow off her friend’s party – but really, I shouldn’t have made her go.  I knew she’d hate it.  I’ll know for next time… because she was miserable there.   Sam ended up going to Jordyn’s for a playdate, Julie took a three hour nap, Jessie cleaned the living room, Marc went to Walmart and did the grocery shopping and I actually fell asleep for about forty five minutes along with the baby.  It was awesome – I LOVE a nap, but never actually get to take one. 

On a side note, Julianna calls me Mominy now.  Not sure why, but she’s tickled pink about it.

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