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Jun 08

Weekend Updates

– I skipped nearly everything this weekend at the synagogue.  Normally, I love going, and kids are usually enthusiastic too.  But this week, we could (conceivably) been there Friday night, Saturday morning and Sunday morning as well.  Instead, we skipped the first two, and I think that Sunday went a lot better for everyone because we had taken that time to chill out and recover after a chaotic week.

– Marc started his new job, and so did I, this week.  So we were both a little extra stressed, and it was complicated because we both came down with a cold mid-week.  Marc’s was worse, and complicated by back spasms.  By Friday afternoon, we had to be really careful and conscious about not snapping and sniping at each other, just because we were both a little overwhelmed with the new hours/responsibilities.

– Sam came home sick on Tuesday and Wednesday with an upset stomach.  He only threw up once, but felt cruddy for a couple of days.

– We learned the hard way that, for Marc, working from home really isn’t an option.  It’s hard for anyone, obviously, but the way Marc functions is definitely not conducive to multi-tasking.  He tried on Tuesday and is now convinced that it won’t work at all going forward.   I don’t think anyone likes it, but he’s sort of especially bad at it.  Lovely at all sorts of things, but being able to keep an eye on a five year old and working at the same time – not so much.

– On the upside, we also learned that Julie really loves the one-on-one time with her Grammy.  And I’m especially grateful to my mom, because without her helping us out this month, there’s absolutely no way we’d be able to pull this off.

– I really love my new job.  It’s only been two days, but it’s really so lovely to be working.  I love having entire conversations where I don’t mention my kids once.  And hours upon hours when I don’t have to do a dish, or get someone a drink, or referee a fight.

– Friday night Shabbat dinners are utter chaos.  I mean, they always have been, but the older the kids get, the more I think it’s going to settle down, and we’ll start sitting down quietly and calmly and having these peaceful, relaxing dinners.  They aren’t.  They’re loud and crazy and I both love and dread them at the same time.

– The only person I know who hates shopping more than me is my daughter Jessica.   She really hates it.  Hates everything that I hate about it, and has less patience and tolerance for dealing with it.  I can usually grit my teeth, suck it up and get thru the trip without snarling.  But I’ve got a lot more experience with it.  We actually tackled shoe shopping (which is impossible) this weekend.  Turns out that Jessie’s feet are a full size apart, so one foot is happy and the other one is either squeezed impossibly tight or in a shoe that’s way too big.  She’s also got narrow feet, except for her toes, which are oddly wide.  We went with flip flops that are too big for her (because of her toes), and heel inserts to make the smaller foot happy.

– Sunday, both Lilli and Sam were feeling a little off, and Marc was exhausted.  So I dropped Lilli at home, and then brought Sam and Marc home.  Marc slept, Sam spent the afternoon playing legos and I took Sarah, Jessie and Julie off on tour of playgrounds.  The three of them played great together, until the very end, when poor Julie got mad.  It was actually kind of funny, because she stormed away from her older sisters and headed back to the car.  The entire time she was ranting and yelling at them, but they were back on the playground, so she looked slighted deranged as she approached the car.  Was quickly mollified with a cold drink and some triscuits. I had a lovely afternoon because I had a book I was trying to finish, and ended up reading in the car while they played.

– I still really like my mornings home while the kids are at school.  Even though I’ve actually got two of them home with me today (Sam’s stomach is still fragile, and he had diarrhea this morning – since he threw up all over the classroom last week, didn’t want to push my luck this morning).  But they’re both quiet and coloring, and I’ve got laundry, and dishes and baking and blogging and reading my Access 2010 manual done this morning.

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