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Oct 01


Writer’s block – have nothing really interesting to share at the moment.  Weekend was filled with baby namings, synagogue events, dance class, playdates and family obligations, and I spent the day floating around the house, putting everything away.  Why is it that when we’re not home the house becomes an utter disaster?  Does it somehow get lonely and then punish us?  And by us, I mean me, because it appears to bother nobody else when things are cluttered and messy…

But things are coming back together, all the laundry is done (okay, I’m lying – MOST of the laundry is done), the dishwasher is emptied and reloaded, and wonder of all wonders – both the kids’ bedrooms are clean.  Really, really clean.

Julie did great all weekend.  Saturday we were able to swing back home a couple of times for her to use the potty here, but Sunday we took the potty with us.  She’s not great at using a big potty, because she’s still so little, so I just drag along her little potty.  But we’ve been accident free for almost a week now.

Really – I’ve got nothing interesting in my mind at the moment.  Banality.  If anyone has any topics they’d like to suggest, questions, comments – feel free to chime in.  I could use a little inspiration 😉

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