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Nov 05

When Mommy’s not happy, nobody is happy

This apparently rings true even if you are almost 35 and live two towns away. My mother is having a crappy day, no real reason, she’s just grouchy. And unfortunately… talked to me this morning, and now I’m all grumpy and out of sorts.

Actually, I’m working hard on improving my mood. Although I’m freaking out about an appalling lack of money, and am tired and my feet are cold, we’re not destitute, and we can pay a lot of our bills. I have two toddlers who nap during the day, so I can hopefully sneak in a little doze as well – and oh, lookee here, some socks right next to the desk. It’s like the universe is looking out for me 🙂

MAJOR MILESTONE ALERT!!! Samuel Earl slept in his very own bed last night ALL NIGHT LONG. Well, mostly, until about 4:30, but that counts as all day in my world. And it’s lovely – I have my husband back in bed at night, for cuddles and warmth (and the snoring – oh, the snoring in my ear but I’m more than willing to pay the price).

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