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May 15

When will I read????

We’ve had fourteen months of staying at home. All the time. I mean, I went grocery shopping, visited my parents once a month or so, but otherwise, that was it. I went WEEKS with nothing on my calendar. And suddenly, it’s over. Jessie’s working three different jobs (soon to add a fourth), finishing up end of year testing and actually going into the school for a few days. Sam’s got orientation and mobility sessions once a week, adding in zoom sessions plus he’s got end of the year testing and Julie’s up to 2x weekly therapy sessions. I’m totally overwhelmed and living by my calendar, convinced I’m double booking myself most of the time.

Did I mention that Sam’s allergic to everything? Not just all the dust, and all the trees and all the grasses. We did a pedi food panel test, and he came back flagged for every.single.thing. Except for, oddly enough, pork and chocolate. And brewers yeast (although since he’s allergic to rice, wheat, barley, corn and oats, there’s nothing to bake). We haven’t added in visits to the allergist, but that’ll get added on this week, I think.

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