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Jun 24

Woo Hoo – Summer Vacation

I love summer vacation. I mean, who doesn’t, right? And it’s just as much fun when it’s your kids having the break. We all slept a little later this morning, and I really do like having Jess home. I totally should have homeschooled, because I bet we both would have loved it. She’s signed up for a couple of weeks of JCC summer camp, and in two weeks, we’re going up to Maine for a couple of days with my family. But for the most part, we’re going to have a long, lazy, relaxing summer vacation and I’m thrilled to betsy about it.

Last night, the girls came over for an End of School party. I made cupcakes, and we had turkey burgers, green beans, baked beans and pickles for dinner and it was delightful. Today, I’ve got Glennys, Jessie, Sam and Jordyn here, and again, all is well. I wish it was sunshiney nice outside, but have grown somewhat used to the rain. No longer remember what it’s like to trek outside to the park.

I have thirty three books checked out of the library, do you think that’s excessive? Two are not books but movies, and at least eight or nine of the books are children’s books, but still, that leaves over twenty books that I’m slowly working my way thru. I’ve checked out several books on Judaism, since the conversion is OMG on Monday. I’m nervous about it, but mostly just eager to have it over and done with.

My goals for this summer are to get Jessie really independently reading. I’d like to see her able to pick up a paperback and curl up with it to read. I’d really like to get Sam over and done with nursing, and plan on really trying hard on that, once we get done with camping. The poor kid hates camping, and I’m not going to try and get him to sleep thru the night without nursing while we’re sleeping outside, mainly because I think my sister (who’s campsite we’ll be staying on) will kill me. And finally… I’d like to get pregnant. I’m not on any birth control now, relying on luck and infrequency to postpone getting pregnant until after Becky – but by the fall, I’d like to start at least actively trying.

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