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Jun 07

Writer’s Block

It’s not really writer’s block.  It’s more lack of inspiration, or even more likely, lack of time.  I’ve had extra kids here a lot this week, and I’ve been reading a lot more too.  It just seems as though everything is on hyper overdrive these days, and I’m feeling very pressured and stressed.

We’re house hunting.  A process I find incredibly stressful and heartbreaking and pressure filled.  I don’t like shopping  in general, and house hunting encapsulates everything I DON’T like about shopping and multiplies it by a thousand.  I don’t like spending money, I don’t like being picky and having to make a decision.  If I had a bunch of great choices, that’d be good – but I seem to have a lot of not so great choices and houses move so fast right now, we’ve already missed a lot of great ones because it took forever to get the financing figured out.  Even writing about it is stressing me out, I can feel myself getting more and more tense.  So I’m changing the subject.

Julianna is off today, she sobbed hysterically while I took a shower this morning and hasn’t noticably improved.  She’s not crying anymore but she’s fragile today, ready to dissolve into misery at the slightest inconvenience.  So we’re staying home, baking cookies and bread and I’m scheduling a really, really good nap in there.



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