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Name: Melissa Cohen
Date registered: March 7, 2013
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  3. Just like having another baby — April 7, 2017
  4. April Updates — April 4, 2017
  5. Saturday night — March 21, 2017

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Apr 20

April vacation confessions

So we’re doing April vacation this week.   This is kind of a weird week for me.  Jessie was home sick all last week with a virus that wrapped up with a sinus infection.  So she’s spending most of the week in various states of agony, trying to figure out math, and prepping for her …

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Apr 08

First Passover Seder

Progress is measured in small steps.  I’ve said that over and over again this past year, mainly to console myself when the steps are so small, and the journey back to where he was seems so long.  But every now and again, he suddenly takes a leap forward, and it’s such a shock. Every year, …

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Apr 07

Just like having another baby

It’s no secret that I wanted more children.  Not enough to go off birth control and get pregnant, at least not yet.  And at 43, the likelihood that it’s going to happen now is limited.  With Jessie going into high school, Julianna moving into second grade, and homeschooling Sam with his vision issues… I don’t …

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Apr 04

April Updates

I haven’t been blogging much of late.  No real reason, sometimes I just drift away from blogging and then wander my way back. Marc is doing well at his new job.  It isn’t new anymore now, he’s been at it since January.  It’s starting to feel normal. He’s not home much at all during the …

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Mar 21

Saturday night

Saturday night was one of those nights that I’ll look back on, years from now, and get a little weepy because it was just that perfect. Actually, this whole weekend was kind of perfect. We’ve always had Shabbat dinners with Lilli and Sarah.  And they’re EVENTS.  I make a big dinner, with chicken and a …

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Mar 15

Snow Day

I like my family. I know that seems obvious – but I love that we can get trapped in the house, no way out, and there’s no place I’d rather be.  There’s two parents here, so if the kids start to get crazy, we can divide and conquer.  The kids are, in and of themselves, …

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Mar 12


Why don’t they get along? I don’t remember fighting with my sister.  I just don’t.  What I do distinctly remember is my mother saying that she never fought with her siblings the way that my siblings and I fought – and hating it.  So I won’t say that to my girls. But I will admit …

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Feb 24

End of an Era – February Vacation Edition

This is the last February vacation with Lilli at home.  Next year, Sarah and Glennys will have their licenses.   Jessie will be in high school. And can I confess, I’m kind of excited? I’ve had a lot of February vacations like this – Jessie’s in eighth grade this year, which means this is my …

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Feb 21


While there is so much about Sam’s life that is BETTER now – he’s not in any pain.  Right off the bat – that is the biggest and most amazing improvement since the accident.  Nothing hurts now.  But there are two lingering after-affects of the accident, and they aren’t going away. The first is obviously …

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Feb 20

This is fourteen

It’s not quite adult.  Not quite. But it’s closer than it’s ever been before and you know it’s right around the corner.  She still trusts me for everything, she still thinks that my opinion is the one that counts and I’m still her first call.  I hope it stays that way – I hope that …

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