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Name: Melissa Cohen
Date registered: March 7, 2013
URL: http://www.melissaannecohen.com

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  5. So much vacation…. — January 14, 2018

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Feb 05

To Jessica Mary – Fifteen Years

Fifteen years ago, I was hugely pregnant.  Pretty sure that I was going to be pregnant forever.  I had already started my maternity leave, because we had scheduled a c-section a week ago, only to realize that Jessie had flipped when I went in for the last check up.  So I was home, feeling like …

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Jan 30

I don’t even care

The dog is crunching up a piece of plastic in the living room, my feet are icy cold because the one pair of socks I can find is in the bathroom, where Julie has ensconced herself and will remain for the next half hour.  Jessie stopped sleeping thru the night six weeks ago, and is …

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Jan 24

Happy 44th

First a quick shout out to Julianna, who has a delightful habit of remembering my age, and reminding me thoughtfully at random times.  Because honestly, I’d probably forget.  I’m somewhere in my mid-forties. Actually, I’m exactly in my mid-forties. I find myself looking back over the past year, and thinking that it’s still so impacted …

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Jan 23

Adventures in chili and chilly

See that little play on words there?  I’m so clever.. I kept the girls home today.  It was frozen out there.  Literally, frozen.  The stairs were icy, the poor dog slid all over the walkway on the way to pee.  My car is crap in the rain, oddly enough.  Maybe there’s a cap missing or …

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Jan 14

So much vacation….

I could get used to this. We had a snow day before Christmas vacation, we were off for a week, went back on Tuesday, took Thursday and Friday off for a snow day, and now we’ve got another three day weekend. The only hitch is that I’m totally out of practice at sticking to a …

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Jan 01

Memories from Christmas Break 2017

- Christmas morning, we all sat on the couch and watched the Christmas specials we hadn’t had time to see during December.  We got a big flat screen television for Hanukkah and Sam could actually sit in the living room and clearly see the screen.  It was my favorite part of the day. – We …

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Dec 26

Christmas 2017

I made it.  It was my second one, post accident, and my second one after declaring that I would not fight with anyone about putting up the tree.  Happy to say that I managed, a few reposts of articles notwithstanding.  But I kept repeating that I wouldn’t argue with anyone – you do you, I’ll …

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Dec 19

Another page turning

I’m quitting my job tomorrow. I remember liking it a long time ago.  Before the accident, when I dropped the three kids off at school and picked them up when they got out.  But ever since January of 2015, it’s been harder and harder. We’re at a point where I can afford not to work.  …

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Nov 16

Not a great day

Not a terrible day either. – It rained all morning, with a toddler going in and out of the car. – Sam did NOT want to do math, and it was a struggle.  We got it done, but it wasn’t fun. – Aiden woke up just after math, so that was it for homeschooling today. …

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Nov 05

Brave and bold

We had Jessie’s eighth (I think) birthday party at a roller skating rink.  It seemed like such a good idea in the abstract.  The reality was that it was possibly the worst birthday party she ever had (although I’m remembering one where she pelted her guests with baked goods on the way out…).  Turns out …

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