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Name: Melissa Cohen
Date registered: March 7, 2013
URL: http://www.melissaannecohen.com

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  4. I’m so angry — October 27, 2017
  5. My poor Jessie — October 27, 2017

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Nov 16

Not a great day

Not a terrible day either. – It rained all morning, with a toddler going in and out of the car. – Sam did NOT want to do math, and it was a struggle.  We got it done, but it wasn’t fun. – Aiden woke up just after math, so that was it for homeschooling today. …

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Nov 05

Brave and bold

We had Jessie’s eighth (I think) birthday party at a roller skating rink.  It seemed like such a good idea in the abstract.  The reality was that it was possibly the worst birthday party she ever had (although I’m remembering one where she pelted her guests with baked goods on the way out…).  Turns out …

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Oct 31

Full circle

Jessie and Sam didn’t go trick or treating this year. Jessie’s taller than I am, and I think she felt like she’d look ridiculous trick or treating.  She was happy to stay home and dole out candy to kids at our house.  Sam had two problems – one being that his vision at night is …

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Oct 27

I’m so angry

I don’t get political on the blog.  I think of the blog as an elaborate baby book, in a lot of ways, and I like to think that generations from now, a random grandchild might look back on this and enjoy reading what I wrote.  So I don’t get political. But I’m going to briefly …

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Oct 27

My poor Jessie

She fell UP the stairs last week.  In keeping with my tradition of downplaying her injuries (like the broken wrist I ignored for 24 hours), I told her she was fine.  Her knee wasn’t swollen, it was just a little achy at the end of the day.  And then a little more achy.  Finally, we …

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Oct 23

Homeschooling Woes

My biggest challenge is time.  Just having enough TIME to fit it all in.  There are six days a week, I try to hit at least some homeschooling five or six of those days.  I have to work two of them, two of them I babysit all day, which means I’ve got three solid days …

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Oct 20

Mental Health Day

I kept Julianna home from school today. There are very few things that I’ll regret from raising these three kids.  But one of them is the two months that Marc and I spent trying desperately to get Sam to go to school before his accident.    When the anxiety kicked into high gear, and the …

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Oct 13

Free Coffee Friday!

It’s not a holiday in the traditional sense.  I know that.  And yet, for us, it’s an annual tradition that we look forward to, get all excited about doing it, and enjoy it more than I think we probably should. Cumberland Farms offers Free Coffee on Fridays in October.  It’s not that the coffee is …

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Oct 12

Avoid Love My Pet

So it seemed like a rational idea.  I’ve got a dog, she smells.  Not a lot, because we bathe her and stuff, but she’s still only so-so on the whole housetraining thing, and my carpet is kind of stinky. I had tried the whole put-baking-soda-on-it thing, and it worked a little.  But Love my Carpet, …

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Oct 04

Test post

Just checking to see if my wordpress programming magic worked…

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