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Jun 18

Jessie’s poem

This made me cry… (end of the year project)

Where I’m From

I’m from an old apartment building on the other side of town, 
Just a staircase away from my very best friend.
With a driveway covered in chalk doodles and sleepovers every night
Until she moved away, and I moved too
I’m from the three Cohen girls, in our long skirts, 
Going to shull.
Stealing candy, exploring unknown places and 
Eating brownies before kiddush
I’m from Me’ir, and Cindy, Charlotte and Mrs. Ring
Mrs. Renzoni, Mr. L, Mrs. Belisle, Mrs. Grilla, Mr. C
Ziva, Moura Audrey, Miss Corey, Miss Lindsey, Auntie Beth
My mom and dad
They made me who I am and taught me well. 
How could I forget Mrs. Brothers, Mrs. O’Malley and Miss Melissa?
I’m from my sweet loving mother, and my flat out brilliant father.
They gave me my little princess Julianna, the apple of my eye.
I only spoil her a little bit, maybe a lot.
And Sam, he drives me crazy but I still love him.  
Lilli, I adore, my big sister and my role model
And Sarah, not just my sister, but my family and my friend.
I’m from Erikson’s ice cream, so many flavors.
Peppermint, peanut butter, cotton candy and bubble gum galore
Everything from dog treats and dropped ice cream and
Mocha chip on your wedding day.
I’m from cookies and cakes, glumkeys, jello pie
Raw stuffing, and putting the turkey in the oven, only to realize it was on low
Breaking three potato peelers in one day, and exploding pie plates 
(Don’t ask how we did it)
I’m from Thanksgiving and Christmas, 
Winter Solstice and Hanukkah.  
Trays of what my mother calls “straight sugar” 
Out on the dining table at Grammy’s house
I’m from old eighties rock songs, the blues
Bye Bye Miss American Pie and the Twilight Zone
I hate them, but I couldn’t live without them, 
No matter how hard I try
I’m from the plan I made when I was nine
Go to Yale, share a dorm with my best friend
Marry a man like my dad.
Have four children, open a cafe using my mother’s recipes
And travel the world, writing every book imaginable.
I’m from the pixie forest, deer, princesses, elves
Red breasted robins in my grandmother’s back yard.
That child-like spirit that I haven’t lost yet, and
Don’t intend to any time soon.
I’m from huge Worcester snowstorms
When Lilli and Sarah spend the night.
We play Apples to Apples and Quelf
We watch movies on our kindles and 
Sneak chocolate under our shirts.
We stay up all night telling secrets
I’m from the Dixie Chicks and Jimmy Buffett
Sugarland, Martina McBricde and more
No matter what song is playing, 
I always know the words
I’m from dancing like nobody’s watching
Singing like nobody is listening
I’m from places I’ve been
Things I’ve seen, things I’ve heard
I’m from 
Love and Happiness, 
Joy and Peace.

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