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Dec 12

10 Fun Facts About My Life These Days

1 – We still play musical beds most nights.  The only constant is that I sleep in my bed.  Everyone else sort of rotates.  I know it’s odd, but it works for our family.

2 – We’ve moved Botulism Night (the night where I open the fridge and tell the kids to pick what they want from the leftovers and we hope it tastes good) into what we now call “Daddy’s Restaurant.”  Marc’s better at cooking leftovers and making them actually palatable – and the kids love placing their order and having Daddy cook it on demand.

3 – We’ve had to move Julianna’s car seat into the middle of the back seat, because putting Jessica Mary and Samuel Earl next to each other for car rides is a recipe for disaster.

4 – Jessie and I know read the same books.  Not all the time, but we can read a book together and talk about it.  I love that.

5 – Julianna now demands every night that I make her teeth dirty again (after we brush them) and last night was bitterly upset that I had forced her to pee against her will.  I put her on the potty, and told her that she had to go – and the look on her little face when she actually peed – it was like her body had betrayed her by listening to me.

6 – Sam is amazingly good with his little sister and cousin Abby-with-a-bow.  He’s ultra-responsible, caring and protective.  And teaches them about swords, what “ABANDON SHIP” means and the wonders of potty talk.

7 – Jessie is signed up (okay, not yet, but I will sign her up, I promise) for the Red Cross Babysitting Course in February, and I’ve made preliminary arrangements for her to volunteer at the JCC this summer as part of her bat mitzvah project.

8 – I’ve come to realize that December is the month where my friends and beloved husband will feel ultra defensive about Christmas, and I’ll feel the most alienated from mainstream Judaism.  Making a mental note to table all interfaith discussions for anytime other than the months of December.

9 – That being said, my Jewish husband is now adding a new tradition every year for celebrating Christmas, and is actively on the hunt for a train to run around the bottom of our tree.  Another mental note to pay attention to what Marc DOES, and not what he says.

10.  I’m never ever going to get caught up on the laundry. Ever.  I should just accept that, and move on with my life.

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