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Dec 13


know I’m supposed to be all “YAY – It’s Friday!” but really, about all I can muster up this morning is just an overwhelming feeling of “Again???”  In nine minutes, I have to launch into my merry mommy routine – whereupon I smile and occasionally break into song, all while packing lunches and fishing clean clothes out of the laundry basket full of other clean clothes I haven’t folded yet.   Packing lunches that my children will pick at (although they’ve been voluntarily taking salads to school for the past two weeks, so I shouldn’t complain).

Mornings aren’t too bad around here, mostly.  Moods are hugely contagious, so I force myself to be sunshiney delighted all.the.damn.time in the mornings.  Another tip is to not listen to Jessie’s tone in the morning, but rather hear her words.  Because Girlfriend has not learned my lessons about moods (or just doesn’t care, which I’ve also considered).  And if I respond to her grumpiness, she just rachets up the intensity.  Sam goes a little bat crap crazy in the morning, he fools around when I want him focused on eating and getting dressed.  And my Julie – maybe she’ll sleep in today.  Which she should, she spent most of last night rotating around the bed like a helicopter.    I can’t imagine that was restful.

Six to twelve inches on Saturday night.  Of snow.  I’m ill amused.

I’m tired.  Last night, I was cold, so I kept Julie snuggled up next to me, instead of putting her into her own bed.  I was suitably punished around one thirty, when she literally kicked me in the face.   So I’ll get the coffee (can you tell it’s still brewing?  I get cheerier as it kicks in….), and I’ll start the dance of getting the kids up and dressed and happy to start the day.  I’ll even work harder on loving it – because they’re gorgeous and healthy and happy about going to school today.  My girl is starting a new project at school that she’s psyched about – and Friday is gym.  If you’re Sam – gym is really the only reason you go to school at all, so Fridays are always happy for him.  And I’ll go food shopping and get stuff for a big Shabbat dinner tonight – I may even find enough time to make some challah to go along with it.

Happy Friday everyone – here’s hoping we all get enough coffee 🙂

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