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Monthly Archive: February 2009

Feb 10

You know how some mornings, you just can’t do it?

Just can’t get motivated? No matter how much coffee you drink, no matter how many favorite shirts you put on, how high you pull up the ponytail? I’m exhausted – and there’s no real reason. Other than the fact that I’ve decided against going to bed at a normal hour – it used to be …

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Feb 09

Jessica Mary Carruth Cohen

I’m a bit late in my birthday post for my girl – but it was a busy weekend. Six years (and two days) ago, my little girl was born. I have two cherubs, and love them both (and in about six months – you’ll have to read thru Sam’s love letter). But six years (and …

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Feb 06

Getting ready

I have so much to do right now – and have a hormone induced migraine – and feel as though my best option is to curl up under a quilt, snuggle and nurse Sam to sleep and doze for a couple of hours. I’m having Marc’s whole family over tomorrow for Jessie’s “family” birthday party. …

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Feb 05

Go in your room until you are done

I don’t know what I’m doing with Jess half the time. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but really, I am never completely certain on what the best way to deal with her tantrums would be. I’ve done just about everything at one time or another. I’ve tried indulging her, holding her and sympathizing. I’ve tried punishing …

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Feb 03

You know that feeling?

That sense of just utter exhaustion, when you feel as though it would be such a blissful relief to melt down into a nice, soft clean bed with no toddlers in it? When you can feel it in your shoulders and in your lungs and your legs and in your poor tired brain, that’s so …

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Feb 02

Sick, sick, and more sick

Walking pneumonia is no joke. I finally took Jess into the pediatrician, after considerable thought and stress. Although it seems as though I haul the kids into the doctors all the time, I always sort of agonize over it. Is she really sick enough to go? Really? Should I wait? And it doesn’t help that …

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