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Feb 02

Sick, sick, and more sick

Walking pneumonia is no joke. I finally took Jess into the pediatrician, after considerable thought and stress. Although it seems as though I haul the kids into the doctors all the time, I always sort of agonize over it. Is she really sick enough to go? Really? Should I wait? And it doesn’t help that Marc is consistently explaining that I’m over-reacting, and wasting the co-pay, she’s fine, it’s a cold, it’ll go away on it’s own. He actually said to me yesterday that if she was coughing up blood, then it would be a good idea to go. Once I realized (again) that his criteria was a little… what’s the word??… INSANE (if she’s coughing up blood, I’m going to the ER), I made the appointment. And lo and behold, it’s walking pnemonia. Which, according to WebMD, may last for up to a month. She’s not contagious, and as long as I keep her drugged up with tylenol cold, she’s bouncing around and cheerful as can be. But when she first wakes up, she’s just so sick, coughing and miserable, and I’ve kept her home from school for the past two days. I tell her that she’s staying home, give her some tylenol, and within a half hour, she’s singing and dancing about… the only hitch is that it only lasts three or four hours and then she crashes again, whimpering and coughing and seeming so much younger than her almost six years. We repeat the cycle (tylenol with three chocolate chips to get rid of the taste, half hour recovery) and she’s dancing again 🙂

Meanwhile – it’s a Monday, and I’m in a glorious mood. Had a fantabulous weekend, excepting the walking pneumonia diagnosis. Saturday was relaxing and peaceful, spent the whole time with just Jess because Sam was having a play date with his best friend Glennys and Marc was out and about picking up medication and getting the car inspected and ferrying Lilli to and from dance class. Sunday was lovely as well, excepting some forced time with Marc’s ex’s family at Lilli’s award presentation at the Worcester Art Museum. But the game was fun, the food was great, and I slept exceedingly well last night.

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