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Monthly Archive: April 2009

Apr 16

Last night at my house

6:15 or 6:30 – Marc gets home from work, kids are usually already fed and busy destroying the living room 7:15 or 7:30- start process of nagging Jess to put on jammies, wrestling Sam to the ground for a diaper change and night shirt, brush teeth, pee it out, read stories, one per kid. Sam …

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Apr 14

Apathy, thy name is Melissa

Just got back from Elm Park… and I’m tired and even though my house is in shambles, I feel like doing nothing. I fed my children, set them up with beans and hot dogs and Max and Ruby – and am officially declaring myself on break for the next twenty minutes or so. Had a …

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Apr 13

“Some people hit me with a bat”

I could also title this post “Crimes against the second child.” On Friday, we took all four kids to the park with Sam’s new t-ball set. Now, let me state for the record that this is a t-ball set for a toddler, at most a preschooler. Not for an eight year old. But of course, …

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Apr 12

Happy Passover, Happy Easter

Survived my third annual Irish Seder last night. This time I made brisket (which was lovely), soup (also lovely), undercooked some carrots and baked potatoes (not so lovely) and forgot the broccoli altogether. But everyone had fun, and I had enough to send leftovers home with everyone and still have enough so that you can’t …

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Apr 07

The cost of motherhood – or why I don’t usually watch Oprah

I don’t watch daytime television. Mostly because there isn’t anything on that I like to watch, but I think even if there was, I still wouldn’t – because it’s such a cliche, the SAHM vegging out in front of the television all day. Be that as it may, I did watch Oprah yesterday (or I …

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Apr 06

Passover Prep

Marc’s off this week… and we’re celebrating Passover on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. And Easter on Sunday. The joys of a non-traditional Jewish family. That’s now what I like to call it, because my conversion process is moving right along, so technically, we are pretty much a Jewish family – but we definitely aren’t traditional. …

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Apr 03

Good morning sunshines

Having a bright and beautiful morning here. It’s delightfully overcast and rainy, which is my favorite type of day, especially when I want to be super lazy – when it’s sunny I feel guilty about not being outside (thanks again Mom for instilling that early). Jess has been home sick the past couple of days …

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