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Nov 27

Thankful for…

(in no order)

1 – I’m thankful for my husband, Marc. Because I feel more like me when he’s there, because there’s nobody I’d rather spend time with, because he loves me all the time. Because he’s brilliant and strong and the best father I’ve ever seen. My kids are so incredibly lucky to have him.

2 – My stepdaughters – the gifts I didn’t ask for, they came along with their dad and have added so much to my life and to the lives of my children. It’s been a joy to watch them grow – they’re amazing young women.

3 – My beautiful daughter Jessica Mary – who made my life so complete when she was born. She made me a mom, and I’m amazed and blessed to have been given her as a daughter. She stuffed the turkey all by herself yesterday, made sixteen placemats for everyone there, and I spent all day so incredibly proud to have this child in my life. She’s beautiful and kind and sweet and so smart it takes my breath away.

4 – My angel boy Samilicious. The boy I never planned on (for some reason, I always thought I’d have just girls), and the one I can’t imagine my life without. Even when I don’t understand the fascination with poop and guns and superheros – he’s taught me so many lessons about patience and love and I’m so proud of the boy he’s coming. He’s my big boy now, and even though he’d so much rather hang with Daddy (Daddy’s way much cooler than Mommy), he’s always going to be my little lovebug, my bestest hugger and my sweet boy.

5 – My tiny little green pepper sized bug – my daughter I haven’t met. This pregnancy still seems unreal to me, it’s unimaginable that I’m going to be lucky enough to have another child. I dream of you at night, wait for your movements all day and can’t wait to hold you. This whole family is waiting with baited breath for your arrival – there has never been a more wanted child in the world.

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