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Nov 08

Is it wrong that I loved this weekend so much?

It was quiet, it was peaceful, it was lovely. We did absolutely nothing, for the most part. Jess stayed home from Hebrew School, Marc didn’t want to send her out into the world yet, the fever is gone, but she was still coughing. We didn’t have Lilli and Sarah, because we didn’t want to unnecessarily expose them if we didn’t have to, and plans for Saturday night at my sister’s were cancelled due to them coming down with the flu. Friday night, we went out to dinner, Saturday, we lazed around the house most of the day, braving the cold for a while with a brief trip to the park and the library, and then back home. Marc took Sammy to the store to do the grocery shopping, and today – we did absolutely nothing. Watched movies, I read three or four books, Jess finished up her homework and Marc watched the game.

It’s odd, because we spend so much of the weekends running all the time – have to get up early, get the girl dressed and off to Hebrew School, picking up Sarah on the way, then rush to drop Sarah off at dance, pick Lilli up from dance, back to pick Sarah up – and then the afternoons are so loud and chaotic with four kids running around the house and screaming. This weekend was so incredibly peaceful and relaxed and easy – I feel guilty because I enjoyed it so much. The kids are both better, Jessie cough has mostly subsided, we’re all still sneezing a lot, but everyone is feeling good and it was just so nice to have it just be the four of us.

The morning sickness has really gotten so much better. I’m still really lazy though, no energy whatsoever. I doze a lot more and wish for naps when I don’t. The ultrasound is on Wednesday and I’m really, really nervous about it. The baby isn’t moving yet, and I spend most of my time (because I’m just laying around mostly) trying to will myself to feel the movement. Even though I think maybe I’ve felt it a couple of times, it’s nothing substantial, nothing real – and it’s freaking me out. Especially because I’m not out of my mind sick. Rationally, I know that it’s average to feel it closer to 18-20 weeks, and I won’t be 16 weeks until Friday – but STILL. I just want to know that the baby is okay and everything is fine.

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