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Monthly Archive: April 2012

Apr 13

My turkey take a bath

This is what Julie has been telling me all morning.  We’re having the “Irish Seder” tomorrow night and the only turkey I could find is frozen solid.  So I tossed it into the tub and Julie is flat out delighted by it.  Of course, she’s always happy when someone OTHER than her is taking a …

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Apr 11

Keeping kosher for passover

During Passover, observant Jews aren’t supposed to eat bread.  Or pasta.  Or cereal.  And Marc keeps kosher for Passover, and oddly enough, so do my kids. I love Passover, it’s one of my favorite Jewish holidays, but I don’t love keeping kosher for Passover.  I really don’t like matzoh, which is the staple of our …

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Apr 10

Parental guilt

I blame myself.  For pretty much all of it.  To be fair, I also give myself credit when things are going well.  When the kids are well behaved, healthy, happy.  But when there are problems – I’m pretty sure it’s all my fault.    Case in point, my little Samilicious Boy.  His teacher is recommending …

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Apr 09

Craptastic morning

Okay – so it was a three day weekend.  Four day, as Sam had been home sick last Thursday.  And the weekend was filled with seders and late nights, so he’s still somewhat sleep deprived.  So maybe I should have seen it  coming.  But I didn’t. He absolutely lost it this morning at drop off. …

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Apr 08

Seders, seders and more seders

This is the Passover of many Seders.  We’ve had three so far, and I’m weary of plagues and prophets.  Today, we threw Easter into the mix and the kids are gorging themselves on chocolate.  Which, combined with a bedtime last night of eleven-ish, is going to make for an extra fun afternoon ๐Ÿ™ In other …

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Apr 05

Passover and Easter

Easter is not a big deal to me.  I have a lot more issues in December, because Christmas is such a big holiday and Hanukkah is such a minor Jewish one.  But in the spring – Passover is one of my favorite Jewish holidays and Easter has always been less significant.  I think this year …

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Apr 04

I keep sharpie markers in my freezer

And nail clippers under the couch.  I also store scissors in the drawer next to the stove and a hair brush in my knitting bag.  Not necessarily on purpose, more that I’ve noticed that that is where they’ve ended up, and make the deliberate choice to keep them there.  The sharpie markers in the freezer …

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Apr 01

Eaglefeather and Marigold

Sammy lost his first tooth on Thursday.  And I cried.  Just a little, because it’s such a major milestone.  His whole smile is different now, and I can’t get used to it.  His tooth had been loose for a while, so we knew it was coming, and as luck would have it, he swallowed it …

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