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Jun 28

It’s possible she may be a genius

I know – it’s that she’s two, and two is when they start putting it all together.  I remember thinking this with both the older two.   But Julie really does seem to be uncommonly bright.  She’s memorized the Llama Llama Misses Mama and recites it as she flips thru books.  She’s got an unlimited vocabulary, with six and seven word sentences all the time.   She just started playing with her “cards.”  Sam’s recently gotten into Pokemon cards, and in a half hearted attempt to keep her from stealing them, I gave her his flashcards that I had bought a while ago.  The’re sight words, and alphabet cards, and SHE KNEW WHAT THEY WERE.  I realized that she could actually be quizzed and identify all of these things.  Am now convinced that she’s a genius.

In other news – we’re having a perfectly delightful summer.  Continuing our tradition of being the house everyone comes too, I’ve had kids here more often than not.  Friends of Jessie, friends of Sam, we try to shake it up and vary it, but my favorites are days when each kid has a buddy to cut down on the battles.  Tomorrow we’re off to the beach – and I already checked to make sure that there’s a lifeguard there 🙂

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