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Dec 06

Another concussion

My poor Julie was in the backseat of Marc’s car when it got clobbered by a sleeping driver. The car is totalled, my daughter has whiplash and a concussion.

There are so many complications with this – I can’t even process them all.

First of all – Julie is hurt. She’s got a concussion, and she’s dizzy and in pain everywhere. She’s bruised all down the right side of her body. I’m a heartbeat away from terrified – because a concussion and my baby is not a combination I ever wanted to be dealing with again. It’s just trauma – and I’m worried and feeling guilty because even her concussion is complicated by the fact that her brother was hurt so badly in another car accident about ten feet away from where she was hurt.

There are a thousand complications all over the place with this. School, after school, bat mitzvah – all of that. My life is a mess of doctors and paperwork and emails and appointments – like I can somehow make everything better by overdoing it on protecting her little brain. And I don’t know if her reactions aren’t being colored by the fact that her brother was so badly hurt.

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