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Oct 20

Sunday mornings

I love Sunday mornings.  It’s the only morning I don’t have to get up and do something.  Monday, Wednesday and Fridays would be my next favorites, because I don’t have to do the dreaded Julie preschool run.  Tuesdays and Thursdays unilaterally suck because really, when your toddler wakes up sobbing, it’s never fun – and Saturday, Sam starts sobbing about Hebrew School.

But Sundays, oh, I love Sundays.  I stay in bed for as long as possible, and make people bring me coffee.  Sometimes, if Marc is home as well, Sam will talk him into getting me breakfast in bed as well.  I make sure that I’ve got a good book in there, and just laze in bed all morning long.

Today, I’m up a little earlier, but mainly because Sam had taken over the television in there and I grew weary of Digimon.  There’s just so much Japanese weird little creature television I can take.  But both my girls are still sleeping (Julie is in her bed, and Jessie is oddly enough on the couch because Sam was watching a movie in her room last night).  The house is quiet and still, and I might know that there are baskets and baskets of laundry to be folded, but I can’t see them, and am finding it very easy to not think about.

I think Jessie might go back to the doctor’s today – Girlfriend is still sick.  It’s always hard with her to see how much of it is actual physical sickness, and how much of it is just drama.  Which is not to say that she feels wretched and miserable, merely that it’s not entirely of a physical nature, and if I just chill about it, and get her to calm down, she’ll feel better.  But she was lying in bed last night, sobbing and sobbing about how much she doesn’t want to be sick – and she was utterly, totally sincere.  We’ll see how she’s feeling when she gets up, but it’s almost nine and she’s still sound asleep…

I worry about my Jessie sometimes, one of the things I love most about her is the intensity and commitment that she has, but it’s one of the things that makes her life more challenging and difficult at times.  If she’s sick, or sad, or happy – whatever the emotion or feeling she has, she does it all the way, with no looking back.  It’s a double edged sword, because it’s part of what makes her awesome, part of what will make her successful and happy, and also a quality that adds an enormous amount of stress and difficulty to her life.

But today’s not the day to overanalyze (at least not more than any other day in my world).  It’s Sunday, my day of days.  And I’m going to spend it puttering around, cleaning and folding laundry, making finnish pancakes for my kids and waiting for Marc to come home from work.  Then I’ll either go visit my parents, home finally from their travels to Hawaii, or take Jessie Bug Noodle to the doctors.  Again.




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