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Jan 01

2014 – My Favorite Posts

I don’t have a big blog, and it’s never been a blog that attracted a lot of comments.  Which is fine, I’m not complaining, but it does make it a big more challenging to do a “Here are the top blog posts from the past year based on the number of comments” sort of round up.  So what I did instead is a round up 0f my favorite posts from each month.

Here’s January.  This one is about my Sammy, and represented some pretty major growth on his part.  Last year was a big year for Sam in terms of being able to articulate his problems, and problem solve independently.


February was a good month for me, I had a hard time choosing.   Then I remembered that I could put whatever I wanted in.  So here’s one on Judaism, and my on-going struggle to fit in and figure out where I fit.  The second one is one of the more popular posts, and it’s one of my favorites as well.   The last one is one of my favorites on marriage, and what that looks like after 12 years.

A Good Jew

Parenting Fails

Twelve Years of Marriage

March was another month where I was thinking a lot about religion.  I’ve got a day-in-the-life one in there too, and I wish I had done more of those throughout the year.

Interfaith and Why It Matters

A Day in the Life

Here’s April. This was a month with Passover, Easter, and the attack on the JCC out in Kansas City.  It’s also the month my boy learned to ride his bike.

Passover and Kansas City

Sammy Can Ride!

And May.  Also known as the month that I suffer through Mother’s Day and realized that I can only assist with math up until fifth grade.

I don’t like Mother’s Day

Banned from math homework

June – the end of the school year, and a lovely mid-point to the whole year

Lunch with Grandpa

Polly Pockets and Junior High

July – I picked two for this month, one that’s Jessie’s favorite, and one that came from the heart about my cousin Bridgett.

Healthy Means Something Special for Me

Co-Sleeping Struggles – AKA Midnight Zombie Attacks


Why My House is a Disaster

Mothering an 11 year old

September – you can tell that my life got holy-moly-crazy once the kids went back to school, because my blogging activity went way down.  So if you stuck with me over the past few months, please know that I appreciate it, and I promise to do better next year.

My last weaning story




Bring it on




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