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May 05


Weekends are kind of hectic around here.  Although now that I write that, I’m recognizing that LIFE is kind of hectic.  But this weekend was particularly so, compounded by the fact that my poor Jessie Bug Noodle was desperately sick on Saturday.

Friday night wasn’t too crazy.  I had four kids, my three plus Jordyn, and we went out for frozen yogurt to celebrate Jessie getting at A+ on an essay she’d written.  Then we went to the synagogue, got there too early and played on the playground for a while.  We went into the family service, and it was mostly really good.  Sam’s not great at services in general, and he was really well behaved.  Jessie’s class was leading part of the service, and she was the only kid not singled out for a reading.  I asked her why and she explained that she had asked to only participate in group prayers, because she doesn’ t like public speaking.  This doesn’t bode well for her bat mitzvah coming up in March, but that’s  a worry for another day… We scooted out pretty fast afterwards to go pick my aunt Aimee up at the bus station.  We got home, and made something for dinner.  I can’t remember what, but I do know that I fed them.

Saturday morning started at around four o’clock with a sick, puking Jessie.  Jessie hasn’t thrown up in a long time, and apparently was totally shocked by the whole thing.  She didn’t make it to the bathroom the first two times, and the third time, she got to the bathroom, but still managed to puke all over the floor.  She was really, really sick.  All day long, she laid in bed.  She threw up pretty much all morning long, and was able to hold down a little ginger ale by the end of the day.

It was also Julianna’s birthday weekend, with parties planned for both days.  The party on Saturday was just friends, Joy and Skip, Harrison and Julie, Sara, Arlen and Jordyn, Mike and Stephanie and David, Aviva, Abi, Tali and Zoe.  I warned everyone about the puking girl, but everyone came anyway.  Marc made all sorts of vegan, dairy-free, egg free stuff, and we had turkey burgers for the carnivores among us.  The kids played outside, yelling and screaming and hurling themselves down the hill on tricycles and bikes, sidewalk chalk was used, and the night, in general, was really, really good.  Less so for poor sick Jessie – who was stuck lying in my bed, trying to hold down a popsicle and feeling wretched.

Yesterday was Day 2 – and it was probably a mistake to plan back to back parties.  Too much to do, not enough time to clean up after the first one, and we were all a little sleep deprived.  Jessie was definitely better, she hadn’t thrown up in over 24 hours, and was up and moving around.  I had a killer migraine – I get them whenever I don’t eat or sleep.  But in the end, the party was lovely.  Not super crowded, my mom came, with my niece Amber, Becky came down with Abby-with-a-bow, and father in law.  Towards the end, Marc’s cousin came with his two kids as well.

By last night, we were all kind of strung out and tired.  I forced everyone to sleep early (over strenuous objections on the part of my newly healthy eleven year old), took two benedryl and woke up this morning headache free.  Everyone was… pleasant this morning.   Which is rare, especially for a Monday.  The sun was shining, and I was up bright and early.  So was Sam, because he yelled out “No Pikachu!” at five thirty, because apparently he woke and put on netflix before anyone else was up.  Even Jessie woke up content and ready to face the day (which is a rarity for my night-owl).  Marc drove the kids to school and everyone smiled and kissed me before they left.

(actually a pic from last year’s birthday party, but I haven’t downloaded the camera yet)

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