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Mar 19

I love my computer guy

I’m not a computer girl.  My mind doesn’t really flow in that computer-jargon sort of way.  For example, I know that this computer that I’m typing on is black.  I couldn’t tell you what KIND of computer it is, or what operating system it uses.  But I do know that it was working for a long time, and then it died.  For reasons that I can’t explain..  And now suddenly it’s working.  One of Marc’s friends came by, and I mentioned in passing that it wasn’t working, he sat down at it, and typed a bunch of buttons, and BANG – it’s good once again, and I feel like a new woman. (Quick update – I started this post yesterday, and in the time between writing this opening paragraph and now, the computer has died again.  Am bitter)

So much exciting stuff is happening here – and I haven’t blogged about it years (it’s possible that I exaggerate for point of emphasis…)  Here’s a quick bullet list of things that have happened lately…

– Jessie kicked butt at her Model UN debate in school.  Being a wise child, she chose to debate on Israel’s behalf and totally owned the debate.  She knew more, and was more passionate, about the issue (they were debating the Palestine/Israel situation) than anyone else there, and came home immensely pleased with herself.

– Both Sam and Jessie need glasses.  Bifocals, and they’ve taken to them with varying degrees of enthusiasm.  Jessie LOVES hers, Sam less so.   There was a rotten second grader who called my little boy “four eyes.”   As you can imagine, this did nothing to improve his desire to wear them.  He came home on Friday (the day he got the glasses) and was so upset.  After a weekend of pep talks and I-don’t-care-what-he-says-you-still-have-to-go-to-school-and-yes-you-still-have-to-wear-your-glasses conversations, he went in on Monday morning, and when that little twerp started with him, my son calmly looked at him, and said “F you.”  This was NOT what we had talked about – but oddly enough, seems to have solved the problem completely.  He said they played together at recess, and were still good friends – and I learned again that I will never understand boys.

– Julie does not need glasses.  She probably will eventually, but she’s got perfect vision right now.  Which is actually not great, because kids her age are supposed to be a little bit far sighted, which means that in a few years, she might be near sighted.

We are moving ahead with busy, busy Passover plans.  And Easter plans, because that’s how we roll.  Passover comes first, and we’ve got seders going the night before Passover starts, and then seders the first and second night, then Easter Sunday, and then we’ll wrap up with one final seder on the last night (conveniently scheduled for the Shabbat of the following week).  I love the Passover holiday, but really don’t like the food.  I like matzoh brie, though, and expect that we’ll be eating a lot of that.  I don’t keep kosher for Passover, but Marc absolutely does, and Jessie usually does for the whole week too (except for Easter, she eats Grammy’s cupcakes).  Sam and Julie usually keep a little bit kosher for Passover, but not entirely.

Spring is coming and the snow is melting.  Slowly, slowly, but you can see the grass, and my massive snowbank that I bumped into every.single.night when I pulled into the driveway is almost gone.  We’ve still got out the winter boots, hats and mittens.  Julie is a hat/mittens girl, which I realized the other day when we accidentally left without them.  She had thought they were in the car, and when they weren’t, she totally fell apart.  She is very much Marc’s daughter, there are things that matter enormously to her, and she’s very quiet about them – unless something happens to prevent her from whatever she’s doing.  She’s also got a schedule on the refrigerator that she keeps religiously organized – drawing pictures of her moods, or people coming to visit or activities planned for that day.  And I had no idea, until I accidentally moved the pen that she had been using for the past several weeks.



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