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Jan 06

24 Week Appt

Day Three of She’s Not My Job in the mornings is going well… Jess was exhausted and refused to get out of bed today. Marc calmly told her that we were leaving in forty minutes and if she wanted to get dressed and have breakfast before school, she should get up. If she didn’t, he’d take her in her jammies and no breakfast. She got up without arguing after a few minutes, got dressed and was at school with a smile on her face on time. I love this new routine… everything is so much calmer and relaxed in the mornings…

My 24 week appointment was today – these are the boring appointments, I think, during the pregnancy. Nothing really going on, no prenatal tests to discuss, no cervix to check, just come in, pee in a cup, check the bp, check the weight (I’ve only gained 4 and a half pounds so far), measure the belly, listen for the heartbeat, any questions, and out the door. But I had to wait for forty five minutes – they were running really behind. And Sam’s such a good boy, he sat and chatted with me so patiently. I’m really lucky – my kids are great in waiting rooms 🙂

I’m so tired – just no energy at all, and so much to do today that I’m afraid to start. I have to go to the grocery store, the library, make burgers and sautee the onions before I pick up the girls from school, drop Lilli and Sarah at Hebrew School, go to dance, then pick up Marc and rush home to feed them quick before bed. There’s a parent/teacher organization meeting tonight and I’d like to go, but know that I won’t make it. I’m just too tired.

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