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Jan 05

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It was touch and go for a while there… but Jess made it out the door without a fit. She was up too late last night and there were several moments when I know if I had been the one in charge we would have ended up screaming at each other. But Marc told me a couple of times, very gently, to back off, he’d take care of it, and she got dressed, ate, brushed her teeth, waved the brush in front of her hair and left for school with a smile. At one point, I mentioned that she had to do her hair, and Marc said it was fine. So a couple of minutes later, I mentioned again, “Jess, you have to do your hair.” She smirked at me, and said “Daddy’s in charge.” I told her if she wanted Daddy in charge of her hair, then she’d have to get Daddy’s hair cut. She ended up pretending to brush it, and threw in a headband.

But I have to say that this, so far, is working. She’s picking out her own clothes, getting herself dressed, brushing her teeth, doing her own hair and going to school without fighting. There is a certain element of losing control – I usually put her hair up and out of her face, and I generally picked out entirely different outfits, but I have to admit, she still looks gorgeous, and it’s not like I want to be doing her hair and picking out her clothes when she’s sixteen.

In other news… not too much planned for today. I’ve got Jordyn all day, which is fun, and vague laundry plans. I’m great at doing laundry, but crappy at folding and putting away. I said I was going to tackle this yesterday and did not. So that’s the goal for today.

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