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Jun 27

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That’s a whole lot of people visiting my blog. Given that most of the time, I think the only one who reads it is my husband, I’m impressed. And even though it may just be Marc clicking on it 250 times in a row, I suspect that there are more of you out there. Could you comment every now and again? I love comments. Makes me feel all loved 🙂

In other news… Jessica had a sleepover at my mother’s house last night. Every couple of months, my mom has all of her granddaughters over. There are thirteen grandchildren, and five of the six granddaughters are all within two years of each other. Jess doesn’t really like sleepovers yet, she’s more of a homebody (anyone remember how much going to school was an adjustment? Not because she didn’t like it, she’d just rather stay home). But she was excited about going, and from what I can tell, had an unbelievably good time. Mom did mani/pedis, let them stay up ridiculously late (this is the same woman who made us go to bed at eight o’clock every night until we were in junior high :-), and then made them pancakes with whipped cream and M&Ms; for breakfast. I love that Jessie went, I love that she had a blast with my mother and my siblings’ children, and I miss, miss, miss her. Can’t wait until she comes home.

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