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Jun 26

Mama, I go check da doors

Last night, Marc was out with his friends, playing D&D;, and I was home with the kids. I kept Glennys overnight and both girls were sound asleep. Sam had napped for three and a half hours, and was just wide awake and adorable about it. He spent forty five minutes playing on the living room while I watch a West Wing rerun. All the lights were off, and he just had the light from the television and was so happy and content, it was beautiful to watch. Around ten o’clock, I was too tired to sit up with him and told him it was time for bed. I was in the bathroom and he walked by and poked his head in the door. Said to me “Mama, I go check da doors” and toddled past into the kitchen. He tried to get open the door (I had already locked it) and then diligently checked the front door as well. Marc wasn’t here to do it, and apparently Sam has been watching and paying attention to what Daddy does. And when Daddy’s not here, he just stepped up to the plate. I was so proud and so… wistful, I guess. He’s getting so big, so fast, turning into this little boy, and he’s a heartbeat away from becoming a big boy, and then a pre-teen, then a teenager and then out on his own. I could see it all at once, last night, and got a little teary-eyed, in the bathroom, brushing my teeth, at how amazing he is.

In other news… Jess has a wicked cough and was up most of the night with a slight fever and just coughing and coughing. I’m all perplexed about cough and cold meds, need to call the pediatrician and see if they have a recommendation on what to give her to help her sleep. I gave her motrin last night to help with the fever, and it seemed to help with the cough as well. She’s happy this morning, has only coughed once or twice since waking up – so it’s obviously not that bad. But I’d like to be able to give her something to help her sleep without waking up and coughing. I’ve read that honey will do the trick, but she doesn’t like taste of it.

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