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Sep 02

#325 that I’m a SAHM

I’m always grateful that we are able to make the decision to have me be home full time, and try hard not to mind the sacrifices, financially, that we make in order for us to do this. Like only having one car, living in a tiny apartment, doing without a lot of electronic toys and eating at home when I’d so much rather eat out. And on days like today, I’m especially grateful for it – because Julianna, who’s really the textbook definition of an “easy baby” is having a day when she just wants to be in my arms. All day long. She fussed when Marc took her this morning, has sobbed like her heart was broken every time I’ve tried to put her down. She’s napping only while nursing and just wants to be held all the time. It’s days like this that I’m extra glad that I can just sit and be Julianna’s mommy. Dishes can wait, laundry can be folded later, and really, why bother picking up the toys when they’re only going to throw them back all over the place? Today, today, I’m just being Julianna’s mommy, and that’s perfect.

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