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Aug 31

Summer 2010

It was a GOOD summer… some things that really stand out for me…

– the first week with Julianna – she was up just all the time, and I was SO tired. Then she flipped it around, and started sleeping thru the night at two weeks, and it’s been smooth sailing, sleep wise, ever since.

– the realization that I’m a really good mom, I know what I’m doing, and it’s perfectly okay for me not to bother with the crib, and she didn’t need a boring carriage like everyone else. Slings, my pretty pram, and snuggled up next to me is perfect for my baby girl.

– the horrible, horrible start to nursing. From the nipple confusion to nursing strike to thrush to multiple fissures to staph infection to ringworm, nipple shields and tears – this girl made me WORK for a good nursing relationship. Which, in retrospect, and how much I wanted Sam to wean, really, really made me appreciate nursing. I won’t ever take it for granted after that.

– long trips to Elm Park, long lazy walks with Julianna dozing in her beautiful pram and the kids picking flowers and Sam’s favorite trees.

– the trip to Hampton Beach just before going to Maine – watching the kids play on the beach was one of my favorite memories.

– the trip to Rockport and Salem with Mandi, Becky, Aimee, and Mom. Julie was such a tiny baby, sleeping in her sling the whole time – it was so much fun.

– sending Jessica off to Hermit Island without me – she LOVED the independence and was so tanned and happy. I’m so glad that she’ll have those great memories.

– spending a LOT of time alone with my Samilicious. He’s starting preschool a week from today (sob) and I’m going to have such Sammy withdrawal.

– Becky’s pregnancy – I’m so incredibly beyond thrilled that my favorite cousin is having a tiny baby girl. Becky’s been my bestest friend forever, and there’s little that makes me happier than the fact that my daughter will have her daughter to go with her thru life. I hope that they’ll always be as close as Becky and I are.

– letting Jessie dance off to Honey Farms by herself. Really accepting that she’s getting bigger, she’s still my little girl, but I have to start letting her out into the world. It’s her life, and I’m just lucky enough to give her a safe home base to explore from. I learned that extra hard this summer, as she ventured further and further without me.

– watching Sam develop into this loving, responsible older brother. He adores his baby, and he’s so good with her. I’m so happy that she’ll always have her big brother with her.

– realizing that Marc is just as capable of soothing my baby as I am. This is a switch, the other two kids – Jessie didn’t really enjoy Marc until she was a two year old, and Sam was much closer to six or seven months. But right from the beginning, Julie loves her daddy. He puts her to bed most nights, spends every morning sitting with her and playing while we drink coffee and watch the news.

– knowing that this was one of the best summers of my life – happy kids, healthy kids, wonderful husband who’s just as cool today as he was when we met.

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