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Aug 12

Adventures in Homeschooling – Covid Edition

So far, homeschooling Julie has not been a stunning success.

I loved the Build Your Library curriculum. Loved it. A whole curriculum designed around books – what could go wrong there? Oh yeah – if you don’t like reading, and you especially don’t like people reading to you, then Build Your Library is just a recipe for unhappiness. Which we learned the hard way.

She is all set for math. I had a bunch of textbooks for fifth grade math that I had gotten when Sam’s special ed teacher was leaving Gates Lane, so I ordered a workbook that came pretty highly recommended. Sarah is home this semester, so she’s going to take over teaching her math a few days a week.

I also ordered a work book for ELA and science. I’ll supplement with khan academy and youtube and whatever else I can cobble together. History, I’m going to follow the BYL curriculum and the state standards.

This’ll be okay. It will. It’s only fifth grade, and she’s a bright kid. As long as she’s learning and challenged, it’ll be good.

Please, let it be good. I hate this so much. I love homeschooling Sam because it was the right thing for him. He hates public school, he loves doing it at home with me. Julie wants desperately to be in school with her friends. She wants teachers and lining up and recess and lunch time. She wants her life pre-covid 19. And I can’t give her that.

She understands and she knows that this is the best choice for her. I think the absolute best choice would have been on-line public school, like Sam, but we missed the boat on that one. The wait list is crazy long, and while Worcester is providing online school, it’s zoom school, where she’d have to be online at the same time every day, and all day. Or most of the day. She’d be miserable.

I know that I can provide her with the education she needs. I know that what she really needs is to be able to go back to public school with her friends, and I can’t give her that. But hopefully, I can find a way to keep her challenged and engaged and learning until we can all go back to normal.

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