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Aug 03


So this is happening.

Marc is back to work, and working at home. Which is fantastic, because he’s HERE, and not out catching covid-19. Plus he’s just here – available for chatting or a quick kiss or coffee prep every afternoon. Jessie has two more weeks on her Fellowship, and today is her first day working from our house, as opposed to trekking to my mother’s house.

I’m 99% sure that the two girls will be doing remote school this fall. My only hesitation is my Julie. I think she needs to be in school, even if it’s just for the one day, for her mental health. It’ll allow her to have a connection to her teacher, have some accountability to another adult, and maybe allow her to have a little bit of her life not be centered around the living room.

But then I read scary stories about camps in GA where 260 of the less than 400 kids came down with covid in a week or two. And articles from Arizona from a superintendant who’s already lost one teacher, has eight others under quarantine because they tested positive – and that’s in a school where there were no kids – they were just teaching over zoom in a large classroom with plenty of space and all the safety precautions imaginable.

I’m hoping for treatment, I’m hoping for a vaccine, and mostly, I’m just hoping that we all stay safe and don’t get sick.

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