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Jan 04

Ahhh – I’m back

Feeling a LOT better this morning… for a couple of different reasons. Yesterday, I spent the whole day with just Marc and my two kids – I think sometimes I get overwhelmed with having a thousand people here and just being able to relax with my family made things better for me.

Plus we started a new routine this morning – Marc and Jessie are in charge of getting out the door in the morning. Marc started a sticker reward program, for every two weeks that Jess has a good morning, she’ll get a special dinner alone at a restaurant of her choice with Daddy. I’m no longer involved with any battles over getting dressed, eating breakfast, hair styling, teeth brushing, etc. We decided to do this for a couple of reasons, one being that Jess and I are so close emotionally, not just that we like each other but also that we tend to feed off of the other’s frustrations, so Marc’s a better choice for handling the morning routine with her. The other being that as I get more pregnant, and then after the baby comes, I’m going to be fairly tied up and not able to chase her around to get her ready.

So we laid out her clothes last night, and set her alarm. We talked a lot about expectations, and how tomorrow we’re starting a new routine where Daddy is in charge and she’s in charge. She got up before the alarm went off, ate, got dressed, did her hair, brushed her teeth, was sunshiney happy and delighted with herself and put the sticker up on the calendar. It’s amazing how a nice, easy morning, where everyone is friendly and happy can put such a smile on your face :-).

In other news… not too much going on. Sam’s still having knock down drag out temper tantrums. He’s not sick at all, a little congested, but nothing major and there’s no fever. I think it’s just a really bad phase he’s going thru. He gets so upset, it’s awful. Screaming at Marc “GO AWAY FROM ME, DADDY!” and his little voice gets so hoarse from screaming… Saturday he had at least three or four tantrums, and yesterday he had two, one before his nap and one after. He had pretty much been weaned… and has started really asking for nursing again. I’m ill amused with this trend, as I LOVED being done with nursing, so that’s definitely complicating the tantrum resolution. He gets himself so upset, and that was his go-to soothing mechanism. Not entirely sure how this will resolve itself, I still nurse when I have to, but would so much rather not….

Pregnancy is whipping right along, the baby is moving all the time. The food aversions have gotten better, and I’m eating more. My 24 week appt is on Wednesday.

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