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Jan 21

Ahhh – Monday

Having a very nice morning so far… no Harrison today, but I’ve got Glennys here, which is always great, I’m not sure which of my kids likes her more. In fact, the only conflict is usually over the two of mine arguing over which one is going to get her. For the moment, Sam is winning, Jess is playing quietly in her bedroom and Sam and Glenny are sitting on the recliner watching Little Einsteins and eating cheerios.

Yesterday… what happened yesterday? I had the girls most of the day, Marc was out and about until the football game. Annie and John came over for dinner – then everybody cleared out (Annie and John went home, Marc brought Lilli and Sarah home) and I got everyone to sleep. Which wasn’t easy – poor Glenny played musical beds, she slept for at least a little while in every spot except for my bed, started out on the couch, then the recliner, then Sam’s bed and then finally, around ten thirty, I popped her into Jessie’s bed. Jess made it mostly thru the night, she’s still waking up a lot and I’ve given up on keeping her in her bed, I just now automatically put her in Sam’s bed in our room. That way, I still spend my nights going from kid to kid, but I don’t have to walk so far 🙂

This morning, Marc did a little dance for me, which reminded me of how much I really love this guy. Sometimes it gets, not lost exactly, but pushed to the back of the line because I’m so busy taking care of the kids and the house and laundry and all the other stuff – but he really is so sweet and funny and patient. I’m so incredibly lucky to have this one guy to be building my life with.

I was trapped in the bed, nursing Sam with the girls climbing all over me, and Marc was up and about, making coffee and attempting to go watch the news. I was jealous and demanded that he entertain me. What I was thinking was that he’d plop into the chair and talk to me for a bit, instead he started singing some odd little tune and dancing around the bedroom. So sweet…

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