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Jan 23

All is well in the world

Wonder of all wonders, I’ve gone all day with nary a tantrum. I can’t remember the last time this happened. Jessie has been herself again, happy, cheerful, engaging with her brother and fun to be around. No tears, no screaming, she hasn’t shoved him once. It’s been great, like I’ve got my little girl back. No idea what was causing all of the tantrums and tears – but I read three different books on discipline and child rearing, and last night, she cried for an hour and a half, to the point of vomiting motrin back up all over the kitchen floor. Maybe it just had to get that bad before it stopped?

Harrison has been out sick all this week, I’m not overly optimistic that I’m going to get him tomorrow. Jordyn is here today, she’s such a doll. And it’s so sweet to watch she and Sam interact. Sam is so smart! I know how that sounds – every parent thinks their kids are brilliant, but Sam keeps surprising me. He’s still not talking, but today I said the word “stomp” in a conversation with Jess and Sam immediately stomped. Which I’m sure didn’t please my poor neighbors downstairs, but I was really surprised to realize how much he’s been paying attention to everything.

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