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Apr 25

Allergies/cold/what the hell is wrong with my eye?

I feel like my kids don’t get sick all that often.  Exception for the past month, which included two concussions and a thumb injury, they don’t ever get injured.  And I’ve never had allergies before in my life.  Julianna, in particular, tends to be a really healthy kid (due in large part to nursing – Sam was never ever sick until he stopped).

But holy moly, we are a wreck today.  Julianna has a drippy, sad little nose, and she’s cranky and miserable because of it.  And my eye was so swollen earlier after an hour outside with the kids that I could barely see to drive home.  I took a benedryl, which helped, because I can now open it, but it’s still tearing and itchy and sore.   Sore because I keep wiping the tears away – and it won’t stop.   If I take another benedryl, I will quickly fall asleep, which would be lovely, but really not all that productive, given that I have three kids who still require some modicum of attention before bed.

In other news… I’m pondering a move… our lease is up in a few months, and we’re not sure if we want to move or stay put for another year.  I like where we are, the neighborhood is pretty and the apartment is big enough, I guess.  But we can’t have any pets, and that’s really bugging me lately.  Now that the kids are getting bigger, I really do want a dog and a cat.  Plus it’s far away from everything.  I don’t have any close neighbors that I like, it’s ten minutes to the highway to get anywhere… but – it’s got a great yard for the kids to bop around in, and the landlord is fabulous – and it’s not super far away.  Ten or fifteen minutes to get the kids to and from school and all activities, which isn’t a lot, really.

Bottom line, I want desperately to move, but am trying to convince myself that it won’t be too bad if we stay for another year.

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