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Apr 24


I don’t like it.  Mostly because it’s completely thankless, never ending, and really, it’s like shoving a big rock up hill.  Even if you manage to get it up to the top of the hill, the kids are only going to come home from school and it’ll be a disaster by dinner.

But today’s my at home cleaning day.  Actually, I’ve been fairly productive this week, in terms of big cleaning projects.  Monday, I took apart the living room in a misguided attempt to locate the back of the remote control (because my batteries keep popping out when I throw it on the couch) and Julianna’s cowgirl hat.  I rearranged the furniture a little bit, moved all of the couches out and swept underneath them.  I found a ridiculous amount of tiny little toys, and was able to throw most of them away (on the theory that if they’d been missing, nobody would notice if they just stayed missing).

Tuesday, I didn’t clean.  Laundry/dishes, of course, those are daily – but I spent the day at a friend’s house, snuggling her baby and watching Julie play with her twins.

Today – today, I cleaned.  I got a BUNCH of hand me downs yesterday, and by last night, my dining room was a sea of new clothes for Sam and Jessica.  I had already gone thru the girls’ clothes last week, weeding out what I could hand down to others, and what I was just going to donate to Savers.  But I did all of Sam’s clothes this morning, systematically going thru each drawer, figuring out what still fit, what didn’t and then refolding and putting it all away.  Then I was on such a roll, I put his bookcase back together, put the blocks back in the bucket, and assembled all of the weaponry back in the bucket.  Then I kept going and went thru Jessica’s bedroom.  Did the bathroom, most of the kitchen and now I’m tired of cleaning.

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