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Dec 16

And – it’s good

We’re about a week post-colonoscopy, and he’s exceeded all of my expectations.  It’s not perfect, he’s complained a few times, but it feels like he’s coming out of a fog.

Suddenly, he’s sitting out in the living room.  Interacting with people.  Building legos and playing Uno with his dad.  Talking with me and Jessie.  He helped make pizza last night, watched a movie with Jessie and did most of his homework independently in his room while he was listening to an audiobook.

After talking to his doctor, we’ve decided to keep him on the sucralfate for another week – mainly because I’m slightly afraid to stop giving it to him.  It works – and I love having my boy not in pain.  So we’ll do another week on that, and he’ll start the omeprezole the Monday after Christmas.

In other news – my girls are both demanding all the attention that they missed over the past month or so.  Jessie’s math grade is a hot mess, and Julianna is starting to ramp up some serious sensory issues.   She’ll only wear certain clothes.  They have to be very soft, they have to fit her arms perfectly – not too tight, not too loose.  They have to fall at a precise spot on her wrist, and woe to person (me) who suggests that perhaps it might not be such a big deal.  Every morning, we battle over what she’ll wear, and it’s every single item of clothing.  Once I get her to agree to pants, the shirt is definitely going to be a brawl.  And the coat, God help me with the coat.   That poor kid with her coat.  She has three of them (one brand new this year that I bought just because she seemed to hate the other two so much) and putting them on is HARD.

I’m trying to be patient.  I am.  Also trying to remember that she’s not yet six, and there’s so little in her life that she can control.

The bonus is that this year, I don’t have the time for my existential holiday crisis.  Between a sick Sammy, work, and the girls – I just don’t have the mental space for  it.  Hanukkah was a non-event, essentially.  We spent the bulk of it overwhelmed with Sam’s health issues, and while we managed to hit the highlights, like dinner out and looking for Christmas lights, we had our Hanukkah parties – but I was delighted when it was over and I got a little breathing room before Christmas.  We’re not really ready for that either, but I think it’ll be a better day, just because he’ll be healthy – and it comes at the beginning of a whole week of nothing.  I’m still working, but the office is closed so my hours are more flexible.  Marc will be home a bit more, and I can relax a bit.  Get ready for the new year.

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