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Dec 22

Almost there

I’m not wishing away this holiday season – dare I say, it might be the easiest one I’ve ever had as a mom?  It’s obviously a reflection of the lack of time; between Sam’s health issues, and the fact that I’m working, there just isn’t time for me to worry about how Marc is thinking about Christmas and what impact that’ll have on the kids.  Which is probably healthier overall for everyone.  It’s still Christmas, I still am aware of the issues, I just don’t have the space to think about them like I have in years past.  It helps that I eliminated any possibility of Christmas Day tension by moving my family celebration to Christmas Eve and planning on a happy, quiet, easy Christmas Day at home.  I got all the shopping done five days ahead of Christmas, which is so rare.

Sam’s doing so much better, in terms of his health.  He hasn’t mentioned his stomach in weeks.  It’s just a non-issue anymore.   Work is ridiculously busy, in part because when Sam was sick, I missed three days, hard core, and probably another few days when I was nowhere near as productive as I should have been.  So I’m frantic there, and at home, I’m drowning in laundry and dishes and cleaning and trying to carve out time to spend with all three of the kids.

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