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Mar 07

And while we’re at it – the difference between a girl child and a boy child

My son, my precious little love, was over in the corner making happy noises. I glanced over at him and he looked up. His face was red, his eyes were glassy, and he had the biggest smile. I asked him if he had been pooping, and he was delighted with himself. Nodded happily and went back to his business. He’s got a bizzare fascination with bodily functions – adores passing gas, burping, peeing, pooping – and it’s just as exciting for him if Daddy is the one doing it. Not pooping, I think that’d be a little sick, but he toddles in the bathroom and watches the peeing. Like it’s a sporting event, he ooohs and aaaaahs with appreciation. Mind boggling.

Not something my girl child would EVER have done.

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