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Mar 07

The difference between a mom and a dad

Or maybe it’s just the difference between Marc and I. Knowing that I have get the kids out the door early this morning and Jess has to go to preschool all day, I got up bright and early, got both kids dressed, fed, lunch packed for the girl, laundry folded, library bag packed, etc. I had begged and pleaded for Marc to take an active role in getting ready to go this morning, but found that he was still strangely incapable of figuring out what needed to be done and executing the tasks. He does follow directions well, provided I repeat them several times and break them down into easy steps. Example, both kids needed medicine this morning. Although I had mentioned this repeatedly to him, nothing was done until I started with 1)wash out med dispensers, 2) get two small cups of milk 3) fill one dispenser with Jessie’s stuff and she’ll take it herself, just watch her and praise her afterwards 4) fill the other one with Sammy’s and give it to him slowly, talking him thru it. He did also get me a cup of coffee.

Speaking of coffee – how do non-coffee drinking moms survive? Sam didn’t sleep at all last night. Not for any length of time. I’m wondering if I should embark on a project to get him to sleep all night in his own bed – the dreaded night weaning. It’s getting ugly, I haven’t slept thru the night in almost two years. And I miss it. But I’m probably going to wait until it’s warmer. It’s just too cold at night for me to be jumping from bed to bed. But I dream of the day when I can tuck my children into bed, say goodnight and not hear from them again until the next morning.

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