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Feb 01

Another day, another storm

I’ve lived in New England all my life, so it’s not like I’m not used to snow.  But this winter has been particularly calm – with what felt like very little actual snow.   Until my birthday weekend, when all hell broke loose.  It’s been storm after storm, and the last one dumped about three feet out there.  My kids were home all last week (Sam went on Monday, but Jessie was sick), and I’m thinking they’ll probably be home again tomorrow, maybe even Tuesday, depending on how long the actual storm continues.

It’s also been a tough week because of the heating issues.  I think I feel a little extra battered by the weather because it was so cold here in the house.   Almost like a minor form of PTSD – I now hear a blizzard forecast and start to preemptively shiver.

Other than the weather woes, all is well in my world.  Superbowl today, and I’m even minor-league excited about it.  I’ll be making a trip to the library first, because it’s been a long week and I’m almost out of reading material.  Kids are all still sleeping (as is Marc), and I’m sipping my second cup of coffee and staring out the window, wondering where another foot of snow is going to go.

Big week ahead for us – Marc starts his job on Monday.   Everything changes for us now – his schedule is going to be so dramatically different, home on the weekends, and predictable “normal” hours during the week.  Two cars – which is going to be so fabulous, I lack the words to describe the impact it’ll have on everything.

Julie is writing all the time now – identifying the letters and matching the big ones with the little ones.  She asks for us to write out messages that she can copy onto cards to give people, and has created her own “calendar” that she keeps on the refrigerator.   It’s one of those things that I didn’t entirely realize she was doing – but she clipped a marker to the paper and every day, she draws a picture of her face, with appropriate smiles or weather notation so she can keep track of what happened during the month.

Sam has had a pretty sweet vacation week as well (because that’s now how I’m looking at it – a week of January vacation).  Devin was here for two days and spent the night in between.   Sam’s a kid who thrives on interaction (which is sort of the irony of Sam – he’s my most anti-social kid in some ways, but mostly, he’s the kid I have to make sure has lots of peer interaction as well, because he’s happiest with his buddies around).  He and Marc have played board games and he’s spent a lot of time recreating lego creatures.   He did a little baking with me, and has spent a lot of time with Julie – those two still play together really well.

Jessie has been focused on her writing, she’s working on a book these days, and when she isn’t doing that, she’s binge-watching netflix or sketching out her dream house.  She’s planning on four kids – all girls, Emily, Elisandra, Ginger and Penelope.   The last two are twins and she makes them share a room.  She’s reading more and more, in the middle of three different books – because I have raised her to believe that life is too short to read just one book at a time.


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