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Feb 03

Julie and Mary…. Poppins, that is

Julie’s not a movie sort of kid.  Actually, none of mine are.  Which clearly comes from me, because Marc has been known to wax poetically about movies he’s seen in the past, movies he’s missed out on seeing and fantasize about movies he’s like to see.  I don’t like movies, so I’ve never really made a point to make sure the kids see them.  They’ve seen their fair share, I guess.  But I was burned by the fact that two of them had really bad reactions to them – Jessie fell apart when Moses’ mom shoved him down the river in the basket of reeds, and then Sam lost his mind sobbing when Ariel left her entire family to go live with Prince Eric.

I digress… again.  I blame the snow – I’ve been stuck inside while seventeen feet of snow has been dumped on my world, and I’m starting to go a little crazy.

Anyway – the other day, maybe a week ago, I turned in desperation to movies.  I found Mary Poppins and popped it in for the two little kids.  Sam watched it with some degree of interest, but Julie fell in love.  She’s watched it four times so far, and wanders around the house singing.   It’s the only movie I can ever remember her actually sitting and watching.  And she’s watched it four times.  Each time, plopping herself down and watching the entire thing.

The big kids are outside, building snow forts and cleaning off the car.  We’re on a week of snow days, there was a half day of school last Friday, but I kept them home because the roads were still slippery.  They’ve been home since last Tuesday (Jessie was out on Monday as well with a cold).  More snow predicted for Thursday and Monday.

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