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May 14

Another day, another vet visit

I think Lizzie has a UTI. Yesterday, I happened to glance down at her while she went pee, and it was red. Which is terrifying, but it only happened once. She also was asking to go out more frequently last night, and squatting her little butt down but not actually going. We called the vet but I think they’re on reduced hours, and were already closed. They called back first thing this morning, and asked that we bring her in with a urine sample.

Collecting a urine sample was… interesting, but Marc did a great job. Weirder than trying to do it with kids, but a lot less of trying to explain what was happening. Other than a weird look Lizzie shot his way as he shoved a tupperware container (which we will be throwing away) under her, she was cool with it. She’s not acting sick at all, eating and drinking fine, and was bouncing around with her blue ball last night, so I’m not super worried. But nobody likes when their dog is sick.

Sam is finishing up his antibiotics today, and the vomiting seems to be mostly gone. I’m ramping up on the allergy meds, giving him zyrtec in the mornings and benedryl at night, but he seems to be better. He’s got an orientation and mobility session on Saturday. I’m happy that we seem to be at least moving forward a little bit on getting him the services he needs. We’ve got a meet and greet with his 8th grade teacher this afternoon, and another one next week with his math and science teachers. Eighth grade seems… way more grown up than I’m ready for him to be, and I know the hard work of transferring over ownership of his education is going to be kicking into high gear over the next five years.

Family dynamics seem to take center stage, especially when nobody has anything or anyone else to distract them. For the past few weeks, the kids and I have watched movies on Friday night, and Marc has… not. I nagged to get him to join us, and now he wants to pick a movie. Which is not unreasonable, of course, but the problem is that he likes movies for different reasons. He’s feeling hurt that I nixed violent movies and Jessie specifically asked for a movie that won’t make him sob sentimentally. I’m trying to manage that, and failing. There some other stuff bubbling around Marc wanting Sam to engage in wrestling or grappling, and Sam having no desire to do so – and my being in the middle of that isn’t helping either. But it honest to God feels like they both need me there to translate to the other – so that’s a rough situation and I’m clueless as to how to proceed.

Julie’s education over the past eight weeks has taken a hit. I’m not concerned – because I basically unschooled Sam for a year or two, and he spent a year not doing any academics at all – and was able to pick up in the 7th grade and manage perfectly well. The school has been providing work online, but it’s all below her grade level, and feels like busy work. She’s so stressed right now, and I’m worried about her general unhappiness tipping over into situational depression, so I haven’t pushed it. She’s reading a ton and working on math most afternoons with Marc, so that’ll just have to suffice until we get a better plan in place.

Jessie thinks she might have gotten the Nelson Fellowship. Her teacher says she’s got it, the judges she interviewed with yesterday said they’ll let her know next week. It’s a full time job, starting on Sam’s birthday and running for six weeks. It’ll probably be a hybrid of zoom meetings and in person sessions at the Federal Courthouse in Boston – which raises so many concerns. One – keeping the house silent so that she can have quiet zoom meetings is next to impossible. Two – the thought of putting my baby onto public transportation and into a crowded courthouse with a raging plague goign on doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy. But it’s such an amazing opportunity for her, and we have to find someway to live with Covid-19, because it isn’t going away.

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