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May 13


One of the nicest parts of this whole self isolation is the relationships. Also one of the hardest part is managing those relationships, but that’s a separate post.

For the most part, Marc has been working 24/7 forever. So having him home means that the kids needs to relearn how to talk to him. He needs to learn how to talk to the kids. And most importantly, I need to stop being the go-between. All four of them have the tendency to try and filter information through me – and I’m working hard on trying to break that habit. Not just my own habit, but also encouraging them to talk directly to each other which is oddly harder than you might imagine.

But my favorite part of it is the relationships between siblings, specifically Julianna and Sam. Sam and Jessie are really close most of the time, but Julie and Sam haven’t really been close since his accident. Not that they don’t love each other, but actually enjoying spending time together was a lot more challenging. They play now. Actually play. Yesterday, I actually said – “Hey – if you’re going to be loud, you have to go play outside.” Because they were that loud, wrestling around and playing.

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