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Apr 22

April vacation

I like having my girl home. I do. But it’s hard having her home, plus her buddy, plus the two other kids I sit for, plus Sam. And Marc’s on a new work out kick, and hasn’t been home any night this week, plus the contractions just won’t quit. I’m so tired…

Had some serious contractions yesterday and last night. Took some benedryl and they gradually drifted away. No longer believe that the child will ever actually come, I’ll just keep taking cold medicine and get bigger and bigger and bigger until I explode.

I have no new news or updates. Other than Jessie’s in one of those stages where she’s climbing into bed with me every night – which scares me because how am I going to manage with three kids in my bed? My vacuum cleaners are still broken, and I’m a sad, dusty girl as a result.

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