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Apr 19

April Vacation

We spent the whole week busy, busy, busy – and yet I’m having a hard time articulating what we did.  There were baths given, meals cooked, naps taken and playgrounds visited.  We saw cousins and aunts and grandmothers, and mostly spent the entire week outside.

Sam had a tick in his ear.  It had been there overnight, and I just thought it was a little cut.  Today, I tried to touch it and LITTLE LEGS CAME OUT.  I was horrified, obviously, and it was one of those moments when you wish like hell that someone else was here to handle but have to reluctantly admit to yourself that you are the mama and you have to handle it.  Bugs.  I hate bugs.  But I was the grown up, and finally just had to hold him down, kicking and screaming and scrape it out of his ear.  I got the whole thing, and flushed it.  Then Marc came home (a little late in the game, but he was working) and treated it with hydrogen peroxide and then some antibiotic ointment.

Jessie and Sam both have killer allergies, Jessie more so than Sam, but they’ve both been coughing and sneezing non-stop.  I gave them both some zyrtek this morning, and they are SO much better.  Jessie actually came home after our trip to the park and curled up in bed and slept for three hours.  I don’t  know if it was the allergy meds themselves, or just that she finally could breathe enough to sleep.

Julianna Ruth has LOVED having everyone home for the week.  It’s her favorite, and she’s been so cute.  I mean, she’s cute anyway – but now that she’s talking, it’s just awesome.  She’s got this little head of curls, and big, big eyes.  And she’s just delighted by everything.  Unless she’s not.  There’s no middle ground with this kid – she’s either passionately thrilled or bitterly upset.  She’d oddly stubborn about clothes, still hates a bath and loves her daddy.

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